About Us

Established in 2014 we are a grassroots charity that gives back to those in our community who are in need.

We at Peanut Butter & Jelly Project believe that hunger is not a crime and that, equal education opportunities and supplies are for all children. We strive to help those that need a hand up, not a hand out. The working class family that lives paycheck to paycheck, The homeless Veterans, The incredibly smart underprivileged child, that deserve the same access to education and support that goes with it. With the help of our amazing private sponsors we work to provide that “little extra” that so many in our community find themselves in need of.

We focus on these events annually.

  1. Back to School: This is our 8th annual Back to School Backpack and Supplies Giveaway where we provide 2000 Backpacks filled with school supplies for an entire year to children in need. We also provide haircuts & hair braiding. We provide a hot meals

  1. Thanksgiving: We provide 2000 Turkeys and all the fixins to families in need the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving. We also provide haircuts & hair braiding.

  1. Throughout the year we provide tablets and phones with internet so students can get their homework done.

  1. On a case by case basis we provide rent assistance, utility bill assistance, temporary housing, and much more